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Texts From apps 6.0, now for Apple Watch

06 Jul 2015
We are proud to announce that the newest version of our Texts From apps (including the popular Texts From Jesus, Texts From Oscar Wilde and Texts From Founding Fathers) is out.

All of those apps now include built-in support for Apple Watch. This simple app allows you to quickly access the quote of the day from your wrist, as well as share it with your friends over Facebook. A Glance is even available for quick access to the daily quote simply by swiping up from the watch face.

In addition, Texts From Jesus now includes a lot of new verses (by popular request), mostly drawn from the Gospel of Thomas.

Texts From Founding Fathers also includes quotes from four new Fathers: James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams and John Jay.

Finally, we have redesigned the websites for each of these apps. Check them out!