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Build cool iOS music apps with AudioKit

28 Apr 2015
If like us you are passionate about building audio-oriented apps for iOS, you might be interested in checking out the latest version of the new AudioKit open-source library.

Version 2.1 was just released, and it is the first version to include significant contributions from Catloaf Software's own lead engineer, St├ęphane Peter.

AudioKit is a powerful audio library based on the popular Csound library, providing an easy-to-use API in Objective-C and Swift with powerful features for audio synthesis, processing and analysis.

Development is very active and new features are being added all the time, and we are proud of being a part of the core team behind this effort.

We plan to use AudioKit as the audio engine behind the next major version of our popular Trainer HD apps, and more. We're sure our users will be equally excited about the new features we'll be able to add to our apps thanks to AudioKit!