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Announcing Trainer HD v5.7 with new Scales!

02 Apr 2015
We are proud to announce the release of the latest version of our Trainer HD series of educational apps for iOS. Version 5.7 is a major update to the apps, and besides a slew of bug fixes it contains a few nice new features!

  • The staff display has been greatly improved to make it more readable and intuitive. It now scrolls from right to left, which should feel more natural. It also now supports the common 8va/8vb notation to make it easier to read notes on the far sides of the fretboard. You won't have to count lines on the staff anymore!

  • Introducing scale focus! You will now find over 40 types of scales in the training options, allowing to focus your training on any one of them in the key of your choice. When picking a scale, only notes from that scale will be used for training.
New "Focus on a scale" training option
  • Free Play mode can now apply training options to restrict which notes are shown on the fretboard, making it easy to visualize the scale of your choice on the fretboard map.
You can now apply training options to the fretboard map in Free Play.
  • A new wheel icon is now present in training, staff and free play modes, allowing quick access to the training options screen to change the settings without interrupting your session.

Remember, the training options do not apply to Game mode but only to Training and Staff modes. The new setting now also allows the fretboard map to be customized in Free Play.

Free Play with Fretboard Map showing a blues scale

The app is available right now as a free update on the App Store for most editions, although the update for the Banjo edition is slightly delayed but should be available very soon.

We have some major new changes coming up for version 6.0! We may even have an entirely new app coming out soon. Stay tuned...