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Stephane Peter

Stéphane Peter

President & Lead Software Engineer

A graduate of the Polytechnic University of Nice, France with a Masters Degree in Computer Science, Stéphane has a long and diverse experience with software development encompassing embedded systems, networking, Unix systems, multimedia, cross-platform development and modern mobile operating systems. He has been involved in a number of open-source projects over the years, several of which are still widely in use to this day.

Jennifer Hiller

Vice President of Web Development

An experienced front-end software developer with a wide variety of skills in Web technologies, Jennifer is a founding member of Catloaf Software. Her prior experience encompasses over 20 years of employment in high-profile media production companies. Prior clients include America's top auto manufacturers, entertainment producers, government organizations (local, state, and federal), large-distribution print media, and financial institutions. Jennifer's focus through all of these projects has been on usability and accessibility.

Jennifer is also a prolific artist, check out her paintings available for purchase on the Catloaf Art store.

A cat loaf

About Cat Loaves

Wondering where our name comes from? A picture is worth a thousand words! Here is what a live cat loaf might look like.