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Introducing the new Fretuoso!

17 Dec 2015
If you have been using our Trainer HD educational games, the app has been rebranded!

Trainer HD is now Fretuoso. We also have a new logo!

We also have a new version out for you (5.8), which brings some major improvements to the old Trainer HD app. Just in time for Christmas!

  • Adds full support for new devices, including the new iPhone 6S and the large iPad Pro.
  • Also supports the latest iOS 9 system. We had to drop support for iOS 6, and you'll now need at least iOS 7.1 to use Fretuoso on your device.
  • 3D Touch shortcuts on the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Force-press the app icon and you'll be able to quickly start or resume training, game, or free play.
New 3D Touch Shortcuts
  • See more of the instruments on the large screen of the iPad Pro.
  • We also fixed a bunch of nasty bugs!
All previous users of Trainer HD will be upgraded for free to Fretuoso on supported devices. Besides the free version, we will also still release and update the separate instrument editions, as well as the Complete Edition.

As we approach 2016, we have some very exciting features in development for the next major version of the app, Fretuoso 6.0. 

To keep up with updates on Fretuoso, feel free to follow the new @Fretuoso social accounts on Twitter and Instagram. We also still have an official Facebook page.

You may also get in touch with us directly by e-mail at