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New training feature in Fretuoso 5.9

16 Mar 2016
A few days ago, we released the latest version of Fretuoso for iOS.

Among the usual set of bug fixes and minor improvements, we also included a brand new feature giving you yet another option to focus your fretboard training: a time limit for guessing each note.

This new option can be enabled by going to the training options, within the settings menu or from the wheel icon that appears in training modes.

The new training option 
This option basically allows you to set a time limit within which you need to guess the note prompted to you. Being a training option, this only applies to the fretboard training and staff training modes, not the game mode which is independent of these settings.

The maximum value is 10 seconds; the option is turned off by default.

In effect, this allows you to make your training more challenging, and adds a time element which was previously mostly relegated to the game mode.

Any guess not made in the allotted time will effectively count as a miss, though you will get a nice TOO LATE sign to tell you you were too slow to answer! We suggest you start with a higher value and progressively lower it as you get more comfortable.

You should have answered faster!

We would like to publicly acknowledge our user Andrew Owen who suggested this new feature a few weeks ago. We are proud to be listening to our users, so feel free to shoot us an email with your feedback and suggestions. We just might turn your idea into a new feature...

Have fun with this and keep practicing daily!