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Trainer HD v5.4 Now Available

18 May 2014
The latest version of the Trainer HD series of apps is now available on the App Store.

This new version includes the usual cohorts of bug fixes and improvements, but also contains one major new feature: daily practice reminder notifications.

Basically, after you've been practicing with the app on any of the instruments, you will be sent a notification 24 hours after getting out of the app reminding you that you should keep practicing. These notifications don't get sent if you have not logged any practice on an instrument, or if you have already mastered it (i.e. reached 90% mastery of the fretboard).

Additionally, if you don't want to get these daily notifications, they can easily be turned off by going to the settings menu and switching off the "Daily Reminders" button.

Practicing daily is the best way to improve your mastery of the fretboard in the long term, so we hope that you find these daily reminders useful!

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