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Introducing Trainer HD: Bass Edition

30 Oct 2012
Today, we are proud to announce the release of the Bass Edition of our Trainer HD line of educational apps for iOS.

This new application is functionally identical to the Guitar Edition, the main difference being that it comes bundled with the bass guitar instrument, making it a cost-effective alternative for bass players.

Like the Guitar Edition, the app itself is regularly priced at US$2.99 with additional instruments available for in-app purchase at US$0.99 (a bundle for all 10 instruments is also available for just another US$2.99).

This new app is the first in a new series of apps focused on rebranding the Guitar Trainer HD app and making it more accessible to musicians who are not primarily guitarists.

Guitar Trainer HD is now "Trainer HD: Guitar Edition", and the free app formerly known as Guitar Trainer HDx is now just "Trainer HD".

Following this new Bass Edition, we will release separate editions for Ukulele, Banjo and Mandolin in the coming weeks. These apps will be priced similarly and kept up to date with all the other editions.

All of the Trainer HD apps are now optimized for the new taller iPhone 5 and iOS 6. As a result, we are now requiring iOS version 4.3 or later to be installed on your device.

To celebrate the release of the new app, we will be giving away free copies very soon on our Facebook page. Don't forget to like us on Facebook for your chance to get a free copy!