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Guitar Trainer HD for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad now available

05 May 2011
We are proud to announce the release of our first major new iOS app, Guitar Trainer HD.

While the original Guitar Trainer app has been available for a few years now for legacy Java platforms and BlackBerry, this new version of the software is an important evolutionary step forward and provides musicians with a beautiful tool to improve their knowledge of their instrument.

For a quick overview of the features and look of the new Guitar Trainer HD, just take a look at this video demonstration:

The app features 8 different instruments so far: guitar (6 and 7 strings), bass (4, 5 and 6 string variants), mandolin, banjo and ukulele, each with their own custom sounds, a variety of built-in tunings, and the ability to define your own custom tunings.

All available instruments in Guitar Trainer HD

Like the original Guitar Trainer app, both a training mode and a game mode (with levels) are available. 

The game mode also takes advantage of Game Center on iOS 4.0 and later, allowing you to compete and rank with your friends. Achievements can also be earned throughout the application as you make progress.

Additionally, a Free Play mode allows you to simply play with the instrument as you wish.

Fretboard statistics

Statistics on your progress are kept in great detail - for each fret in each available tuning, and the training engine automatically focuses on the parts of the fretboard where you are either untrained

Guitar Trainer HD is available worldwide and retails at $2.99 in the United States, which includes full support for the 6-string guitar. Additional instruments can be purchased from inside the app.

A universal version of the app will bring full iPad support soon. Get your copy now and you'll be eligible for a free upgrade when it becomes available!

If you'd like to review the app, we can provide you with a promotional copy of the software. Please contact us directly with your request.