Fretuoso - Ukulele Edition


  • Beautiful, realistic-looking instruments!
  • High-resolution, Retina display graphics throughout!
  • Full universal iPad support!
  • Realistic sounds and ability to play the entire fretboard with the touch interface.
  • Staff Learning mode: learn to read notes on the musical staff!
  • Smart Training Engine: the app determines your weaknesses and automatically focuses the training where needed.
  • Advanced tracking of your progress, with detailed statistics for every single fret.
  • Define your own custom tunings.
  • Many game levels.
  • Expanded control over the training areas of the fretboard, including support for over 40 different scale types.
  • Integration with Facebook and Game Center. Show off your mastery and rank with your friends!
  • Learn the position of notes while in free play mode.
  • Send your progress to friends via text message, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Includes the full ukulele instrument.
  • Settings and purchases are safely stored in your iCloud account across all your devices.
  • Supports all the latest iPhone and iPad devices.

What Artists Say About The App

Other Editions (DEPRECATED)

NOTE: Instrument editions of Fretuoso are now deprecated and will no longer be updated.
Please download and use the main Fretuoso app to keep getting the latest features and updates.

Demo Video

Instruments Available

  • 6-string electric guitar
  • 6-string acoustic guitar
  • 7-string electric guitar
  • 8-string electric guitar
  • 12-string acoustic guitar
  • 4-string electric bass guitar
  • 5-string electric bass guitar
  • 6-string electric bass guitar
  • Banjo
  • Mandolin
  • Ukulele

Technical Support

You may email your feedback and questions directly to